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A Little Bit about Bio Frequencies

Edit Sajóné Mákos
30/09/2021 12:29:00 AM

How Frequencies of Herbal Essential Oils Can Affect Our Mental and Physical Health...
Everything is in motion, nothing is motionless, everything vibrates. Energy and matter are only the manifestations of vibrations of different frequencies.
Essences made of essential oils and minerals have bioelectric frequencies. These frequencies, such as the strength of the electric power which is constant between two arbitrary endpoints, can be determined. Everything has an electric frequency. Essences generate frequencies that are several times stronger that of the herbs and foodstuff.
For instance, the frequency of foodstuff is between 0 MHz and 15 MHz, dried herbs are between 15 and 22 MHz, while fresh herbs are between 20 and 27 MHz. The frequency of essential oils starts at 52 MHz and can go up until 320 MHz, like in the case of rose oil. Mandorla Essences multiple this value.
The body frequency of a completely healthy person is generally around 62 and 78 MHz. Illnesses start at around 58 MHz.
According to Dr. Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971), American biochemist, all illnesses also have given frequencies. With a higher frequency of a remedy we can destroy the lower frequency of an illness. Clinical trials show that out of any known extracts, the blends made of essential oils have the highest frequencies which is able to create such an environment that the causes of illness, such as bacteria or fungi, simply cannot thrive.
Studying the body and the effects of frequencies on it, scientists came to the conclusion that by drinking a cup of coffee, the general, 66 MHz frequency falls 5 MHz in just 3 seconds. The body took three days to build up its original frequency. Other studies showed that negative thoughts are also able to decrease the frequency of the body with around 12 MHz.
But how can we increase this frequency? The centre of smelling is in direct link with the amygdala where feelings are born and materialize. That is why emotions and feelings are in a mutual interaction. Amygdala is situated deep within the temporal lobes of the brain’s cerebrum. It is part of the limbic system which coordinates behaviour, long-term memory, and feelings. According to Jay A. Gottfried, professor at Arthur H. Rubenstein University,  smells and scents can help people fight with memory disorders, such as dementia or depression.
Even if you are not the world champion of smelling, you have only around 10-20 million receptors in the Olfactory epithelium. On the contrary, pointers have around 220 million of such cells.
Studies have examined the most popular essential oils of nowadays (such as mint, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, yasmine, levander, camilla, thyme, rose, and cinnamon) to find out whether they can be used against cancer.
Bruce Tainio, the leading technician of the University of Washington, developed a device with which the frequencies of people and essential oils, and the relationship between frequencies and illnesses can be measured.
Cancer develops when the DNA code within the cell is corrupted, says immunologist, Mahmúd Suhail. It seems some essential oils have such a characteristic feature that can intervene in this process.

The frequency of therapeutic grade extractions start at 52 MHz while some of them can even reach 320 MHz. For example, the frequency of the the curry plant (Helichrysum italicum) - which can be found in the Mandorla Rózsaszín Aura Haze - can elevate the frequency of the human body to 320 MHz, the frankincense to 147 MHz, the ravensara to 134 MHz, the levander to 118 MHz, the myrrh to 105 MHz, the German camilla to 105 MHz, the juniper to 98 MHz, the barwood to 96 MHz, the angelica to 85 MHz and the peppermint to 78 MHz.

The frankincense - found in the Mandorla Ambrózia Essence - separates the “brain” of the cancerous cell from its “body” and stops the spreading of damaged DNA codes. The frankincense oil has certain compounds that are able to stop the development of cancerous cells, moreover, destroys them without harming the healthy ones.
The essential oils which are the building blocks of the essences have been subject to fraud since the beginning. And the development of chemistry perfected it. The chemical industry by now is able to artificially mimic the aroma component of any given oil and produce it. Such aromas are much cheaper than the genuine ones. Synthetic oils perfectly substitute the original oils in the perfume industry but such artificial products are completely useless in aromatherapy since the very “soul” of them is missing.
Just like in the case of vitamins, cosmetics, foodstuff; you can certainly say that sometimes looks can deceive. With a certain amount of marketing every piece of trash can be a “celebrity.”
But those who search, find. This also applies to the truth. We are responsible for selecting the right information and to whom we believe what.
Positive feelings, such as surprise, happyness, hugging, touching, love, gratefulness, noticing beauty, nature, the scent of flowers, and pleasant music all elevate frequency. And elevated frequency makes our bodies resistant, let it be our physical, energy, mental or ether body.

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