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The Kék Essence

- The Blue Energy -

About the ingredients

The pure energy of the Mandorla Essences is based on the perfect pureness and loving care for the ingredients. We do not use synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants. Most of the ingredients have BIO qualification. 100% natural ingredients include:

  • Matricaria chamaemilla
  • Salvia sclarea
  • Santalum album
  • Laurus

Theme of the Essence

The Breath of Peace, Belief, Release.
On the way of our spiritual development, Essences and Oils support us to become Cups; to become receptive and open.
Blue energy related to the three basic colors is in connection with trust and belief. And also relates to the result of the transformation. This transformation is maybe in our visions and desires while everything seems to collapse on the physical level.
New energies, possibilities all remain invisible if we keep our focus on the old. The old and the new are always present at the same time; one of them is visible, the other is still invisible. It is our attention that makes the difference. Our attention shifts between old conditions and new possibilities, so when we project light upon our shady, invisible parts, we can be conscious about them.
The outside world is our mirror. Looking at this mirror we can raise our awareness to our unconscious drives. We see these in others, we generate outside situations, we stick to our past, our stories. But it is really up to us how we observe them. Therefore it can be said that our point of observation makes the difference; makes the outcome positive or negative.
The hardships of the past take away the power over our lives from our hands. Without trust and belief we simply cannot move together with Life, cannot be in the flow.
The perfect moment for the things we desire to arrive when we can give the “want,” the “insistence,” the “projections,” the “distrust” for exchange.

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