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For Women


- Afra Oil                         20 ml / 0.67 fl oz

- Türkiz Essence             50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

- Rózsavér Oil                 20 ml / 0.67 fl oz

- Rózsaszín Essence    50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

We were born as humans in the first place. Only after are we divided into women and men. As women, we fill in the roles of the girl, the virgin, the mother, the amazon, and the matriarch in a given phase of our lives. Our femininity, like the rainbow, has many colours and qualities. Love, sexuality, the creative creating energies, guarding the fire, protection, relationships, healing, knowledge, wisdom, and sharing are all individual colours. We get to know the world of “also;” our relationship with time becomes harmonic with the Moon. During the months of the Moon we live our four faces; the time of nature will be the unit of our femininity. The healing power of the community gives us the chance to acquire deep wisdom with which we can support each other. But first, we have to respect our own way. We have to bless our feet with which we learned to walk and accept our slips. We especially have to accept when we feel small and little in a world which conveys false values and urges us to compete with one another. In a world where we objectivized ourselves and our body, the real value, quality, and transformative and nourishing powers of femininity pushed into the background. For this we have to transform ourselves and create such a world where qualities are in balance.

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