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Third Pillar


Third Pillar

The Quality How We Exist in Time.

 - Magenta Essence      50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

- Jégmadár Essence     50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

- Samas Oil                  20 ml / 0.67 fl oz

- Arany Essence          50 ml / 1.7 fl oz

The moment in time is the gate itself. The greatest abundance, richness, and treasure is the ability being in the given moment. Our thoughts and feelings can bring us to a non-existing time, either into the past or the future. But the physical body always exists in the moment, in the present; it lives the potential of the Now.
Is it more important what we do than how we do it?
What if we knew and understood energy? Not with our minds but our hearts? Could we then consciously plant all those seeds in the present which will become the harvest of the future? We always pay attention to something. The way we plant our seeds, the way we will harvest its crops. We decide to plant it or not, to give it our attention or not; we decide to nourish it or not. This is a cause and effect relationship. This is our decision in the present. This is our responsibility for the future in the present.
Seeds planted from the heart bring things we do from the heart. Seeds planted with agony only bring more agony. Therefore the question is not what and how much we do, but how we do it. This will be the quality.
It does not matter what our job, hobby, roles, home, relationships are… our quality and our essence will be inside of these. There is no point in deceiving, everything comes back to us.
Cleaning the house will not make you satisfied; it is the cleanness that makes you content. We do not look for the challenges but the success in their wake.
We are constantly creating in every moment just being in time. Time is quality which creates itself again and again from one moment to another.

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