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Jégmadár Essence

The Jégmadár Essence

About the ingredients

The pure energy of the Mandorla Essences is based on the perfect pureness and loving care for the ingredients. We do not use synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants. Most of the ingredients have BIO qualification. 100% natural ingredients include:

  • Myrtus
  • Angelica
  • Storax
  • etc.

Theme of the Essence

The essence of consolation. It is the scent of protection and support, like a true friend who is always behind us even if we forget about him sometimes, but still, we can count on him.
It can bring us the feeling when, after a huge storm the sun comes out behind the clouds and the rainbow appears in the sky. Suddenly everything becomes easy, hope fills our hearts, and we come to the conclusion that everything is and will be alright. We get back home and recognize we have never been alone. It is the feeling of deep calmness and being ready for action at the same time.
It can help deepen the consolation, and the feeling of expansion and ease.
Strengthening sentence:
“I know that everything is alright in my life. I am not alone. I am light and ready for action in every field of my life. I am loved and supported in every walk of my life and all this supports my personal development.”


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