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The Lila Essence

- The Violet Energy -

About the ingredients

The pure energy of the Mandorla Essences is based on the perfect pureness and loving care for the ingredients. We do not use synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants. 
Most of the ingredients have BIO qualification. 100% natural ingredients include:

  • Frankincense
  • Lavandula
  • etc.

Theme of the Essence

Love and change is the way.
Every action, thought, feeling, and motif motivates. This is the reason which brings a given consequence. Once we start the chain reaction of reason, we cannot make ourselves free from the consequences. This deep understanding makes us responsible for our actions, thoughts, and feelings, intentions. Wisdom is knowledge to know what to chose and being aware of the consequences of that choice.  Sometimes old bases have to collapse, the old sheds its skin for the new to come. Everything is constantly flowing, tearing down the old and preparing space for something new in our lives.
These are important closings, releases to be able to clearly flow with the new, and the growth in it. In our physical world only one thing is constant: change.
Whatever has started out, it will reach its ending. Sometimes we only have the choice to decide if our lives will be a tragedy or a comedy on the stage of our lives and to understand the reasons behind it.
Violet Essence supports us to realize the path of love. The scent of love that supports our willingness for change.
The scent of the Essence can escort us in the process of inner rebirth and help to flexibly adapt to the flow, to the change. Experiencing loss or grief is part of the eternal cycle. The scent helps us to work up the pain of grief while supporting release. It can escort us on the way to spiritual healing and awakening on the way to spiritual realizations.
Strengthening sentence:
“I accept with love that every ending is a new beginning, which brings new learning to my life, so I can be at the service of others.”


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