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The Vörös Essence

- The Red Energy -

About the ingredients

The pure energy of the Mandorla Essences is based on the perfect pureness and loving care for the ingredients. We do not use synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants.  Most of the ingredients have BIO qualification.
100% natural ingredients include: 

- cedrus atlantica,

- kewra,

- benzoe ...etc.

Theme of the Essence

Being in the present. Protection. Solidity. Groundedness.
When we work with the Essences, instead of the thinking part, we address the intuitive one. Red is the widest spectrum of the rainbow; the first color leading in the others. That is why it is crucial to understand this since we can only build upon a solid foundation.

This is the feeling of love and welcome when we are born. The feeling that we can be loved makes us feel love towards others, so love can be unconditional and without judgment. 
This brings us the feeling of safety upon which we can build.
Our body, its intelligent functioning, and signalling system all belong to the Red Essence. 
Accepting our body is crucial for the conscious existence and harmonious life. It is important to watch the signs of our body and take care of it with acceptance and love.
Red Essence is saying “YES” to life, hence saying “YES” to ourselves. There is an ignition point, an attention, a focus, or collectedness connected to our body. What we are paying attention to can only grow inside us, by us. This is the energy of creation.

The harmonious functioning of the base chakra means security and stability in our lives. Loving life, dearly accepting our place in it, so … where we know for what we say “YES” or “NO.”

This brings vitality, gatheredness, and the feeling of protection, in which with care and attention towards ourselves we can actively walk on the path of our lives.

Our basic instinct is part of the Red area, the survival program, the fight or flight reaction and the sense of smelling, the guttural, instinctive protective system. 
Red Essence helps us not just to survive life, but to fully live our lives.
Courage instead of victimhood. 
Every Essence is connected to the energy body through smelling. Red brings us back to the present; strengthens the importance of “NOW” and the value of our energies.
There are three causes for misery. Red Essence connects to “saying no” and to rejection. This is when we do not want what we have. This can be our body, skill, possibility, characteristic feature and so on. 
Rejection sometimes closes off experiences, happenings, and relationships which might be useful for us.
We should embrace this idea. We need new experiences, thoughts, feelings, and habits. 
Linked to our roots, the quality of vigor itself offers its support for us to be grounded. Owing to this it can help concentration, living and acting in the present, and to use the acquired knowledge in practice.
With the help of this scent, self-love, security, vigor, composedness and the sense of being protected can be reinforced in our lives. Let’s use Red Essence when we feel tired to make the next step in our lives or when we feel exposed. 

Strengthening sentence:

"I love my existence. Love is all around me. I have the might to set my own limits. I surround myself with care and pay attention to the signs of my body. I am stabil, energetic, focused and a doer."

The Ilahi Essence Oil

- The Red Energy -

About the ingredients

The pure energy of the Mandorla Essences is based on the perfect pureness and loving care for the ingredients. We do not use synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants. Most of the ingredients have BIO qualification.
100% natural ingredients include:

  • Dragon'blood
  • Labdanum
  • Nardostachys jatamansi
  • Vetiver
  • Cerdus atlantiva
  • Cassia
  • etc.

Theme of the Essence

Ilahi Oil belongs to the realm of the red frequency but a bit differently as in the case of the Vörös Essence. We can think of the spiral; transforming the quality of the given energy deeper and deeper. This is another depth in the inner rainbow. We call the teachings of the Ilahi Oil in another way as well. This name belongs to the Dragon, the continuously surfacing symbol for mankind.
The Dragon, such as a colour, expresses a certain quality. We can materialize things for the mind through archetypes. These archetypes, similarly to symbols, perfectly work between our conscious and unconscious parts.

The Dragon is an expressive symbol of numerous cultures, but whether it is a “bad” or “good” dragon depends on the awakening of the own power of the self.

Defeating the Dragon through experiences or trials means to become conscious about our might, and to see our own potential that has been asleep. From this point on, our motivation is not about our own personal safety. This has to be about our Heart.

Fire and Passion do not betray their own hearts but become servants of them. And the heart of the true warrior defends Life; it becomes the servant of its own life.

We can betray no one and nobody, just ourselves.

The fables of the Dragon are about the perishing fear and the aggression deriving from it. Aggression cannot be the answer to the attack. It can only be consciousness. Sooner or later we all reach it after certain amount of experience.

Ilahi is about the structural tower we have built. This tower limits us. Until the inner might is not awoken, we try to protect ourselves from the outside. This is only a pretence security which limits the ability flowing with Life.

Questions of authority, the “self” who wants to control everything and still not being in balance with its heart belong here. And it will not be in balance until we do not realize our own might with which we can control out thoughts, feelings, actions, and it is only us who can relieve ourselves from the illusions, to live the true desire of the Heart.

The quality of Ilahi connects the “self” with the upper, divine, wise, and masterly “self.” It connects the temporal with the immortal.

The energy of Ilahi Oil can help us to awake to our inner might.

Taming the inner Dragon also means that we step over naivety and the notion that only the light exists. We face our inner shadows and fears. It is bravery towards life and energy quality, towards the new quality of consciousness.

You cannot say “yes,” you cannot be brave until you do not remember to what you have said “yes” and what belongs to you and what doesn’t.

Bravery towards life and passion, fire, the departure of the hero; when it is already worse to betray yourself than your fears. Accepting our fears is part of the journey.

The might and heart of the Dragon is Life itself. It is fire, passion, bravery, and action; hence it is the materialization of the matter.

Ilahi is the moment of awakening, the possibility to leave all our fears and comfort behind.

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