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The Sárga Essence

- The Yellow Energy -

About the ingredients

The pure energy of the Mandorla Essences is based on the perfect pureness and loving care for the ingredients. We do not use synthetic additives, parabens or genetically modified plants. Most of the ingredients have BIO qualification.
100% natural ingredients include:

  • Myrrha
  • Cardamomum
  • Zingiber
  • etc.

Theme of the Essence

Look up to the sky. The center of the solar system in the Sun. Every planet - including the Earth -orbits around it. Look at yourself. You also have a Sun. It is the area of the Solar-plexus, the area slightly above the belly button. There is your central, inner Sun. This is an energetic center where visible and invisible, old and new, past and future, Earth and Sky, our roots and wings and Mother and Father are braced. When horizontal and vertical meet, then we can be confident. We become charismatic and shiny as the Sun.  We become able to really live happily. And this does not mean the possession of objects or the satisfaction of addictions but the ability to see beauty. Beauty is less and less material; it truly lies in simplicity, nature, goodness, and quality. The Sun nourishes the Earth with its energy. This is how we nourish our body and spirit with the energy of our inner Sun.
This is the energetic center of joy. When our heart is heavy, already the frequency of the tone of our voice gives away if we are optimistic or pessimistic.
When it is not the heaviness of our heat that hinders our happiness than it is our mental challenges. We tend to think that certain thoughts and things are true but they take us down the wrong path therefore we get into a downward spiral. Many people are afraid of the ability of happiness and consequently they forget to laugh loudly from their heart. They are also afraid of beauty; they cannot accept their achievements and gifts full-heartedly. 
Let’s think big and enjoy our lives. We can fly, we can use our wings because we deserve good.
What if we succeed? Will they still love us? What will they think of us? What if it is good for me but not for others? How can it be easy for me while it is hard for others? Will I still belong among them? If they don’t fly, don’t spread their wings, shouldn’t I do that as well? Do we deserve good to be happy? Is it possible that instead of being happy, we only criticize ourselves? Are we looking for mistakes instead of the signs of success? Does it matter what we do? Is it always little or natural?
When we think of happiness, we should not think of a constant, demure, and happy state; it is rather a satisfied state where doubt and the mental fights do not take the energy from us since the Sun also rises, reaches the apex, and sets every day. It can shine stronger or weaker, but it is always there. We are conditioned that knowledge JUST a mental thing and exists outside of us. Our decisions are also connected to this area, such as the understanding. The solution is if we nourish a very positive and supporting thought, feeling. We become able to see energy from the outside, to this where this is heading for. Let’s be patient with ourselves. We should objectively mind the quality of our feelings, desires instead of getting deeper and deeper in an unconscious drift.
Joy, humour, laughing, and relief are all fighting mechanisms. Laughing cures, reduces stress, uplifts, and strengthens the immune system.
When the energetic centre is all  right inside us then our physical-spiritual harmony and the ability for being happy are also in its place. To feel for others means we can be happy for others. The more you laugh, the more flexible you will be.
Sárga Essence strengthening sentence:
“I am a rock solid point in my life. I exist in happiness and energy. This is how the world is organized around me.”


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